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  • Mt. Bromo

“That’s why, I always love travel. Cause travel doesn’t see your ages, religion, gender, politic choice, or others.Travels brings love back to your life. I love traveling and will always be… “

We’re come from travel experience, made by observation, stronger by critical, and better by our guest opinion.  We know, travel made us become happy, inspirational, leaving your problem, and of course fun with our beloved person. To get all those thing need some preparation to arrange what will you get later during on your travel moments. So that’s why, before you decide to using us as your travel partners, we need to know all about your needed. We give you option and you can just choose it with reasonable price! Well, we also know all people want to get the cheapest price with the best / first class service. It’s normal. You can compare with other agency about our inclusion during the tours, then everything will clear and make sense! So the decision is on yours! Have a great moments,here!

Newest : Starting from 31 March 2021, Ijen are open for all visitors including foreigner.  Don’t forget to book your tickets (online). Remember, Bluefire STILL NOT ALLOWED during this time regarding on COVID-19 era. Visitors aren’t allowed going down to the crater with any reason. 

Java Exotica is one of tour planner which located on Banyuwangi City, East Java Province. We serve a tour that covers nature, photography, wildlife (Sukamade Tour Package), mountains and volcano (Ijen Tour Package, Bromo Tour Package) beaches (Banyuwangi Tour Package), city tour (Malang Tour Package) and others. With the experience we have been through so many years and update news of tourism, you can entrust your holiday to us, safely and comfortably. You can see a selection of packages that we have provided for you in our website. You can also request and choose the tour packages according to your own request.

Our social media always active 24 hours 7 days, and you can always contact and consult about your trip by phone, email, website, and other social media such as Blackberry Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus.

We are realized that the holiday should be more than just a vacation. With the tagline better and faster, we always strive to provide the best service with the best crew and the best price to make your holiday into an unforgettable experience. Warmest greeting,  Java Exotica.

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