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New Address : Perum Puri Brawijaya Blok FC 11 Kebalenan, Banyuwangi Central City – East Java, Indonesia
Phone : +6281 331 22 33 23 (also Whassapp + QUICK RESPOND)
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Java Exotica is led by Darma Ardiyanto (called Aldo), an English & Indonesian-speaking guide who has a thorough knowledge of East Java and Central Java having traveled in 3 years around part of Java. With our outstanding network of local contacts we really know about East Java. The aim of our company is to become a competent travel companies and provide the best service to support your holiday event. We understand and we always try to improve the quality of our services. With our experience in the field, we knew what we should do to make your holiday become best experience during your tour. We are ready 24 hours in 7 to handle your tour request and you can contact us anytime and we will answer quickly. Based on it all, we present you the Java Exotica Tour Operator with the tagline “better and faster”.

Our Teams

We know, for having fun you need the “crazy”people. Before we decide to recruit the teams, we’re make sure if they already travelling before so we know,what you need and what you expected! Adding with the experience, social communication, language ability, guiding and driving skills, you don’t need to worry anymore!

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Our Tours
Our tours take you to the real East Java and Central Java beyond the obvious tourist spots, providing an opportunity for you to explore at first hand the local culture and the beauty of Java. Wildlife, eco-tours, nature, volcano, trekking, beach, and photography are available in our tour packages. We aim to provide you with a great experience of the real East Java, and for you to be part of it not just an observer from a distance.

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What’s special about our tours?
We have made several observations that the tour is not just talking about come, go and come home, but also about how you enjoy your travel package. Of course you don’t want to be disappointed after spending a lot of money for your holiday, but not memorable to you. Thus the program we put together has been considered in detail about the duration, hotels option, transport accommodation, safety equipment, guide staff, weather conditions, and a choice of restaurants. Indeed, compared to other travel agents, we are a little more expensive, but we can guarantee that our service is first-class services, and it will all be worth you paid to us.

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All our tours are guided with the qualified staff and driver. We are not using outsourcing for this case to guarantee that you will enjoy the tour and get the knowledge about the tourist place. Even we are using local guide, we make sure that our staff can be your best friends during at your tour based on their experience and knowledge.

Our tours are priced for you, that is why you don’t see many prices on our website. Prices vary according to the standard of accommodation you choose, the number of people in your group, the number of days, and your hotel request.

We do not inflate prices: the tour fee you pay is what it costs us for your hotel, transport, etc., plus a reasonable addition for the expenditure of our time and the expertise provided. That’s all.

Contributing to the local community
We always aim to support the local communities we visit on our tours. When tours include visiting local craftspeople who have items for sale we provide the opportunity for you not only to see them producing their crafts – batik, bronze-making, stone carving, glass bead making etc., – but to purchase handicrafts from them directly rather than through middlemen or retailers that are often from outside the community. Not only are you never made to feel obligated to buy, but we do not make commissions from any purchases you might choose to make.

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We partner with locals to arrange and provide our hotel bookings, restaurant stops, transport, and access to sights to insure that we make contributions to the local economy.

logo java xotica tour operator di banyuwangi
Perum Puri Brawijaya Blok FC 11 Kebalenan, Banyuwangi Central City – East Java, Indonesia
Phone : +6281 331 22 33 23
Email  :
WA      : +6281 331 22 33 23


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  1. Lina says:


    Can you quote for a tour from Banyuwangi to Ijen than Bromo than be dropped off at Surabaya. I will be arriving from Bali.

    What sort of accommodation do you use.

    I want 2 nights/3 days.

    Kind regards

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