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Banyuwangi “The Sunrise of Java”


01 Patung gandrung Watu Dodol masjid-agung-banyuwangi pantai-boom-2 taman-sritanjung-banyuwangi folkindonesia-ijen-crater-1024x681 Bukit-di-Pantai-Pulau-Merah


Banyuwangi : The Sunrise of Java

The sunrise of Java. Make sense what people called for this city according to location. Located on eastern of Java Island, make this city become first area which get the sunrise moments. Banyuwangi become the most favorite destination for some tourist (foreigner or locals) in these years because the government has fully support about tourism industry in this city. You can easy find hotel, dormitory, homestay or even private villa for support your holidays. Not only about the accommodation, these peoples will happy to help you if you ask about any information in this city. They are very welcome with you!

Main destination in this city is Ijen Crater which famous with the blue fire phenomena. You can only find this attraction in the world here and Reyjavik (Iceland). Also you can find the world strongest man, sulfur miner which can bring more than 70 kg’s on their shoulder (you can try also). Located 1 hour from central city, you can easy find this beautiful place. Next you can visit the Sukamade Beach which famous with the turtle breeding activity. You can see the turtle breeding live! Located 4 hours from central city, this place provide the real adventure including cross the river, jungle, beach, and even the small village with the people activity in a rice field. Red Island or Pantai Merah also can be your destination after visit Sukamade Beach. Green Bay also one way with the Red Island and you can enjoy your “private” island here complete with the beach and jungle!

Banyuwangi guarantee you to get the real eco-tourism with great sensation, original culture, natural building, and of course….without CROWDED!

Let’s visit here, and see what this city got!

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Golden Sunrise of Sikunir

2091040_20131108071230 Natural-Beauty-Sunrise-in-Sikunir-Dieng-Central-Java-Amazing-Beautiful-Natural-Scenery sikunir-golden-sunrise01 71082204_2583661471746466_2889491157358739456_o 70523511_2583661525079794_8461409615517581312_n

 Golden Sunrise of Sikunir

Welcome to the Sikunir Hills which famous with the Golden Sunrise from Central Java! Located in Dieng Plateu, Sembalun Village, this place give you a new sensation for the sunrise photography! You just need 10 minutes drive from your place if you’re stay in Dieng Plateu area, then just walk for 30 minutes from parking area to the top of Sikunir Hills. Toilet, canteen are available at the top here. Best period for visit this place starting from June till September for better view and panorama. It’s not only about the sunrise, you can also see the small lake near the parking area called Telaga Cebong. Also enjoy the authentic food from Dieng Plateu such as sweet potatos, and Carica (kind of papaya fruit). Now, make your move here!

Green Gumuk Candi

IMG_20210418_111756 IMG_20210418_112155 IMG_20210418_112417 IMG_20210418_143232 IMG_20210418_144607


Green Gumuk Candi become new favorite destination on Banyuwangi, East Java. Located on Songgon Village, you can reach this place by 1 hour driving. Easy access, with small part of bumpy road, you can enjoy this amazing place. This place are organized by local people which living around here. They know if Songgon village has a lot of tourism potential, so they build this place to give visitors more choice for visit.

On entrance gate, you’ll welcomed by guards which local people work there. They will show you about the rules and you need pay some ticket here , but only for parking. Yes only for parking. Then a temple stone with kingdom style also makes you feel that you’re in “another” century. You need to walk for 1 KM to reach the top of this place. Upstairs and coffee plantation would be your friend during your journey. After you reach the top of this place, now you know, why this place are very recommended for who looking nature place without noises, plantation view, selfie spot, even a swimming pool!

You can enjoy the mountain view, with drinking some tea or coffee or even small snack. Believe me, 1 hour will not enough for visit this exotic place!

Red Island

Bukit-di-Pantai-Pulau-Merah 11374460_1021233234561645_629116601_n Pantai-Pulau-Merah 15267816168_aafda7df22_b


 “Red Island Beach”

Located on Banyuwangi – East Java, Red Island now become favorite place to spent your week end or holiday. This place was so impressive for photography activity. You can take Sunrise moment or Sunset moment on this place. Easy wave, so quite safe for visitors to swim. The public facilities such as toilet, canteen, home-stay are available. If you come from Banyuwangi City, you only need 90 minutes to reach this place. You can use motorcycle or car, but nothing public transport coming here. Called Red Island, is not the rock has red color, but when sunrise and sunset come, it has a silhouette to make the rock become red color. Especially the beach, when there’s no wind, it’s looks like a mirror. Usually the visitor coming to this place after they coming from Sukamade Beach because it’s one way back.

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Green Bay

Teluk hijau 7 pantai-teluk-hijau-banyuwangi-2 PicsArt_1396701789604 teluk-hijau-banyuwangi ijo 7 ????????

“Green Bay Banyuwangi”

Green Bay, or better known as the Green Bay is one of the attractions visited by tourists, especially on weekends and holidays. In this bay, visitors are offered with fresh air combined with panoramic beach of stunning natural beauty. Moreover, it lies close to the tropical forests of Meru National Park Betiri increasingly pamper visitors to stay relax in Green Bay. Although it requires effort to reach this bay, which is a 3-4 hour drive from the city of Banyuwangi, guaranteed visitors will not regret it because the combination of sea and forest perfect.

This place is a combination of tour packages that you can enjoy at once with Sukamade Beach, and Red Island. We guarantee you will not regret it because this place is a tourist spot that is very natural, clean, and away from the hustle of the city. For more information please visit or email to

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Rafting Adventure

1 5 glkgl Songa Rafting Songa-Rafting-in-Pekalen-River-East-Java-Indonesia 100_7189

“Rafting Adventure”

Rafting is an one of part adventure which combine between ecotourism and water sport. This action of water sport can become an alternative for all visitors which looking for a new experience and sensation. Java Exotica provide this tour package and guarantee you to get the best experience on rafting moments.

We’ve make some observation and finally find this place called Pekalen River. With the local operator which has great experience and competence, we arrange and design the rafting route with total around 12 kilometers length and need around 3 hours to do this activity. Passing 7 waterfalls (3 mains waterfall) and also visit the Bat Cave, will make your adventure more interesting and fun! During on the way, you can stop to taking some picture with the waterfall background. Safety and satisfy are guaranteed, also handled by professional rafter.

Join with us, and get the best experience on East Java!

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Bromo Sunrise

Sunrise with Mt. Bromo Bromo on the top 4WD at Bromo dsc_4674 20140905_061109 Bromo Village

“Bromo Mt.”

Mount Bromo which stands tall at 2329 m is one of the most iconic mountain in Indonesia . It beckons majestically despite having the entire top blown off and with a crater inside that keeps spewing off white sulphurous smoke. Mount Bromo is still one of the most active volcanoes in the world and there are areas that are blocked off from tourists due to its imminent danger. It sits inside the massive Tengger caldera (volcanic crater with diameter approximately 10km), surrounded by the Laut Pasir (sea of sand) of fine volcanic sand. This breathtaking and ethereal landscape have been swooned by many travelers alike. To be awe in nature’s best combination of beauty and danger, an active volcano that can be so foreboding and desolate yet so beautiful. The view itself is almost out of this world and be the reason enough to go there! June – August where there is less rain but more tourists. August is also the month for the Kesada / Kesodo festival for the Tengger people if you are interested.

But that being said, Indonesia being a fairly mild weather of just rain and shine, anytime is a good time to go Mount Bromo, only check out for local weather when you are there for best clear sky for your sunrise experience. If you do not have much days then hope for the best when you are there.
Also try to avoid weekends if you do not want the crowd.

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12083926126_33e3043dfd_c sunrise-at-papuma Papuma Beach Sunset 20622035_1466747120104579_3417673127466207389_n 20545321_1466747073437917_5959232283780139705_o 20626494_506417319706190_8409171259297148013_o

If you’re looking for sunrise and sunset spot in one place, Papuma Beach are the answer! Located on Jember, East Java Province, it’s only 30 KM or 1 hour from Jember City to reach this place. Surrounded by natural jungle, this place also become a living place by local fisherman and wild animals such as deer, hog, and silver monkey habitat. Sunrise here starting at 05:05 AM and the best time to visit this place starting from June until September. If you’re lucky, you can watch the sunrise with the haze around the rock. Sunset time also amazing, cover by wave and rock at the middle, promising you great landscape and cool picture!

Visitors also can enjoy the local food here (seafood) fresh from the sea and this place also provide about the accommodation such as homestay, coffee shops, Vihara (Buddhis temple) and camping ground.


Papuma Beach, Papuma Sunset, Sunrise

Baluran National Park



IMG_20210309_105404 IMG_20210312_091335_8 IMG_20210312_092021 IMG_20210312_110235 IMG_20210322_131155

This park is a forest preservation area that extends about 25.000 ha on the north coast of East Java. The location is in Sumberwaru village, Banyuwangi district, Situbondo (on the east border of Java Island). You can enjoy the panorama of savannah and mount Baluran (inactive volcano) in the center of area that becomes habitat of many exotic animals such as wild pigs, deer, peacocks, wild chicken, some species of monkeys and also bulls as the protected animals in the area.

You can enjoy the amazing scenery of the forest and do the safari activities in the wild life and feel the magic of the forest. This park is so unique because 15 km from the main entrance, you can find a beautiful white beach called Bama Beach, here in the habiat of coral reef, fish and mangrove.

You also can observe hundreds species of birds such as hornbills, peacocks and bulbuls. If you like to observe the tropical forest vegetation, the park is a heaven for many species of trees, plants and flowers such as pecan nut trees, Maja, Gadung, Java tamarind trees and mount Widara.

Sukamade Beach



17311328_10155945608688082_3966452556252939394_o 17389194_10155945556773082_8160220554042341794_o 17362604_1317498908362735_5571014339261379319_n 17311059_10155948506453082_224839464570632864_o 17388940_10155945556403082_4688128491741335518_o 17352367_1317407601705199_5233765249105008667_n

Sukamade beach is about 97 km to southwest of Banyuwangi. It is natural and quiet, beautiful place. Dutch discovered it in 1927. The 1200 hectare estate is an active plantation that produces rubber, coffee and cacao. Sukamade is the east Java Natural Resource Conservation which is in charge of the turtle’s perpetuation. A night adventure tour to Sukamade is an unforgettable trip. You will be guided by a natural resource to find sea turtles come to a shore to lay eggs. You can see a female turtle lays more than one hundred eggs on the sandy beach. The female turtles usually start landing at 7:30 PM and return to the sea at 12:00PM. November to March is the peak season for laying eggs.

The ways to Sukamade is worth exploring. Along the way to visit this place the visitors can stop at the beautiful place of Rajegwesi, Teluk Hijau a fantastic green bay with its beautiful cliff around. A dawn excursion to see animals grassing on the savannah is also impressing. They are virgin places you must know in the eastern tip of Java, banyuwangi, Indonesia

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