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Java Exotica taste! (7D 6N) Jogjakarta-Pindul-Pacitan-Kelud-Bromo-Ijen-Bali

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Day 1 Jogjakarta (Pick up Train Station / Airport / Hotel) – Free Programs – Malioboro Zone (Central Java)

Our staff will pick up you by name board and then we move to hotel first for check in. Arrived at the hotel, check in and then free programs.When you’re reach Yogyakarta at the morning time, we can do short city tours such as visiting Keraton (Kingdom) Palace, Watercastle (Tamansari), and most popular streetmarket, Malioboro. Afterward, check in and rest.

Day 2 Borobudur Temple – Prambanan Temple – Ratu Boko Palace (Central Java)

At 07.30 AM after breakfast time, we will move to Borobudur temple. We will driver for about 2 hours depends on traffic (can be less or more). Reach Borobudur Temple, our local guide would be stand by for us. Then, you can explore the Borobudur temple. Remember, after government apply new rules for visiting Borobudur temple, we’re not allowed to walk above the temple it self. All visitors. (To protect the temple it self from damage). After do Borobudur temple, we will drive to Prambanan Temple. During the journey, we can stop for lunch or rest. Reach Prambanan Temple, another local guide will waiting for us to guiding enter the Prambanan Temple. Same with Borobudur, to protect the historical temple, all visitors aren’t allowed to enter inside the temple God statue places. The journey now continue to Ratu Boko. Here. Enjoy the sunset view (if weather good) also you can enjoy the dinner here. Afterward, back to hotel and get rest.

Day 3 Pindul Cave – Gong Cave (Central Java to East Java)

At 07.30 AM, after breakfast time, we will move to Pindul Cave. Prepare your clothes because we will getting wet during this tours. A short trip to explore Pindul Cave by tubbing under the cave. Local guide will give all instruction that we need it. Finish with the Pindul Cave, then we will move to another famoust cave, called Goa Gong. For now, we will leave Central Java and move to East Java. Reach Goa Gong, and prepare your self to enter the cave. Afterward, we’ll going to drive at Blitar. Check in and rest at Hotel Tugu

Day 4 Kelud Volcano – drive to Probolinggo (East Java)

Around 8.00 AM, after breakfast, we will directly check out and move to Kelud Mt. Journey need around 1 hour from the hotel to Kelud. When car park at parking area, we will using shuttle transport by motorbike. 4 unit motorbike will prepared and we can reach Mt. Kelud till to the top and watch the crater. Afterward, we back again to parking area and get ready to drive at Mt. Bromo for about 6 hours. Reach Cafe Lava Hotel (Lava View Group), we will rest and if we can reach before sunset, we will watch the sunset time at Mentigen Sunset points. Then, dinner and rest. Prepare yourself at 03.00 AM for Bromo tour.

Day 5 Bromo Sunrise Tours – Madakaripura Waterfall – Banyuwangi (East Java)

Your guide will be stand by at the lobby at 03:00 AM with 4×4 car. Then we move to sunrise view pointscalled Kingkong Hills. Sunrise will be coming around 05:20 and enjoy the spectacular sunrise (if weather nice) with the free coffee or tea. After sunrise moments, we move back to stop on Love hills. Here you can see Bromo from another side. Then continue again to sea sand and we gonna trekking for about 1,5 KM to reach mt.Bromo. When you’re arrived at the top of mt.Bromo, be careful because there’s no fence anymore. After enjoy the panorama from the top we move back to the hotel and get ready for breakfast, shower and check out at 10:00 AM. Afterward we move to Madakaripura Waterfall for 1 hour and when we arrived at parking area, we will use shuttle transport (scooter) to reach waterfall entrance gate. The local guide will come with us until to the place. Remember, make sure you wear waterproof jacket and bring plastic bag for your phone because it’s guarantee 100% that you will be wet. Our time here spend around 1- hours then we move back to the parking area and ready to move at Banyuwangi. Check in and rest.

Day 6 Banyuwangi City Tours (Alas Purwo National Park – Red Island Beach – Ijen Crater) East Java

After breakfast time, at 9.00 AM, we will move to Alas Purwo National Park. Here we can stop at 3 main points which is, Sadengan Savanna to watch wild animals (bulls, peacock, eagles, deers), then to Hindu’s sites called Pura Giri Saloka, and the beach called Trianggulasi Beach. Then, we will move to Red Island Beach for sunset time. After sunset time, we will back to hotel for about 3 hours. Prepare yourself for midnight trekking at 00.30

Day 7 Ijen Crater (Bluefire Programs) – Bali (East Java to Bali)

At 00:00 midnight, your guide will stand by at the lobby homestay with the car. The journey will need around 1 hours until reach the Ijen parking area (Paltuding). From here, you can trekking for 3 KM, and it’s need about 1-2 hours. When we arrived at the top, your guide will tell you if it’s safe or not to going down to the crater. If possible, you can walk down, (but be careful,no need to rush) and see the blue fire closely. At the crater you’ll also see the miners, how to take the sulfur, and loaded to the bamboos basket. If you want to take picture with the miners, do it quickly (usually they will ask you for small money). Our time to see bluefire below aren’t for long time cause the smoke can be strong and quite dangerous for us, approximately our time here are not more than 30 minutes. Finish taking picture, we’ll move back to the parking area. During on the way, enjoy the view of another mountain and volcano (Meranti Mt & Raung Mt). Arrived to the parking area, you’ll move back to the hotel.Arrived at the hotel, check out at 11:00 AM and get ready move to Bali at last destination.

End of tour

Price included :

    • Pick up & transfer out from Yogyakarta to Bali
    • 1 unit Land Transportation by using city car  with Driver, Fuel, and all transport charge (parking, toll, etc)
    • 1 unit 4×4 car Jeep (Toyota Hardtop) for Bromo Tours with Driver, Fuel, and all transport charge (parking, toll, etc)
    • 2 N stay at the hotel in Yogyakarta with  private rooms
    • 1 N stay at the hotel in Blitar with  private rooms
    • 1 N stay at the hotel in Bromo with  private rooms
    • 2 N stay at the hotel in Banyuwangi with  private rooms
    • Local Guide on all sightseeing places (English Speaking would be in priority, except on Madakaripura Waterfall, and Goa Gong which local people are mandatory even only in basic English).
    • Ferry Fare direct cross with the car (without stop / changing) from Java to Bali
    • ALL ENTRANCE TICKETS for 4 international visitors which cover all mentioned places on itinerary.
    • Shuttle transport by motorbike on Kelud Volcano Tours for persons (1 motor, 1 rider, 1 passenger)
    • Shuttle transport by motorbike on Madakaripura Waterfall for persons (1 motor, 1 rider, 1 passenger)
    • Equipment at Madakaripura Waterfall (Plastic bag for HP, Plastic Ponco (raincoat))
    • Equipment at Kawah Ijen (Gas Mask respirators, Torchlight)
    • Free Umbrella Chair at Red Island Beach
    • Daily mineral water
    • Daily breakfast (on hotel included)


    Excluded :

    • Personal expenses (minibar,laundry,etc) & meals (lunch and dinner)


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