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Jogjakarta Adventure – Dieng Explore – Bromo Photography – Ijen Blueflame – Bali Island 6 D 5 N

candi-borobudor-2 candi-prambanan-sore 1415990157_10155551_1585512771675975_1552970768223843237_n folkindonesia-ijen-crater-1024x681 Sunrise with Mt. Bromo Blue-Fire-Kawah-Ijen

Day 1 Jogjakarta – Prambanan Temple – Ratu Boko Sunset – Malioboro
From Jogjakarta Airport, our staff will be pick up you and moving direct to the largest Hindu’s temple in Indonesia, Prambanan. Here, you can enjoy and see what the temple have. Make sure that you have great moment during visit this place. After we enjoy the Prambanan Temple, we move again to catch the great sunset of Ratu Boko Temple. Prepare your camera and get ready to catch the exotic sunset! Next, after we enjoyed the sunset moment, at the night you can explore the popular traditional shopping road which called Malioboro Street. If you looking for traditional tools, or local souvenirs, this is the right place that you looking for.

Day 2 Puthuk Situmbu Sunrise – Borobudur Temple – Dieng Plateau
Get ready to catch the sunrise moment of Puthuk Situmbu! The special thing form this place, you can see the shadow or silhouette of Borobudur temple. Surrounded by fog in the morning, it makes perfect condition and color for you to collected the best picture of Borobudur from another side! After see the sunrise, we move directly to the largest Buddhist temple of Indonesia, Borobudur Temple. Explore the history and the unique of this building with the local guide which will give you all information and best spot to take the picture. Next, we’ll move to Dieng Plateau for around 2 hours, and prepare for tomorrow morning.

Day 3 Golden Sunrise Sikunir – Sikidang Crater – Telaga Warna – Jogjakarta
Wake up in the morning, and we’re ready to move to Sikunir which famoust with The Golden Sunrise view! Around one hour, arrived to the parking area and we walk by foot and little bit trekking to reach the sunrise view. Enjoy the Golden Sunrise of Sikunir Hills! With the 2.350 meters from sea levels, will guarantee you to get the best shot with the exotic panorama. If the weather good, you also can see Mt. Sindoro which surrounding Dieng village. Around 07.00 AM, we back to the parking area and ready move to the Sikidang Crater. Sikidang crater is one of the natural tourism sites situated up in Dieng Plateau. This place used to be a volcano, which is still actually active at the moment yet safe owing to the low amount of sulfur. Then we move forward to visit Telaga Warna. Color lake (Telaga Warna) has unique characteristics related to the color of the lake. Sometimes yellow or green and colorful like a rainbow of colors as lake has a high sulfur content. Afterward, we move back to the hotel at Jogjakarta for around 3 hours. Arrived at the hotel and relax.

Day 4 Jogjakarta – Surabaya – Bromo Sunset
At 06.00 morning we should check out and move to the train station from Jogjakarta to Surabaya. Arrived at Surabaya around 11:00 AM, and our staff will pick up you to move at Bromo Area. Then arrived at the Bromo Area, check in, and prepare to move at Sunset Spot, Mentigen. Here you can enjoy the sunset view of Mt. Bromo also you can see Mt. Semeru, the highest mountain on Java Island. Back to the hotel and prepare for tomorrow morning.

Day 5 Bromo Sunrise – Ijen Blueflame
Your guide will be waiting for you at the Front Office with the 4 WD car to explore the sea of sand until reach the top of Mt. Bromo. The journey will need around 50 minutes until to the view point. Sunrise will be start at 05:05. If you wanna see milky way, you can see from this place clearly, but depends on the weather. Afterward, we’ll back again to go down by 4 WD car, to stop on Love Hills. Here you can see Bromo Mt, from west part. Then after taking a picture, we’ll going to sea of sand, you can ask to the guide for stop and taking picture with the 4 WD car with the Bromo Mt, Batok Mt, or Penanjakan Mt. background. Then we stop on parking area. From here you only need to walk, 1 KM until reach the top of Bromo. Be careful when you’re arrived at the top because it has minimum safety fence for prevent visitors falling down to the crater. Finish with the Bromo, we’ll come back to the hotel and get ready for breakfast. Exactly at 10:00 we’ll move to Banyuwangi village. The journey will need around 6 hours (depends on traffic) and during on the way we’ll stop for lunch. Arrived at the hotel, you can relax and prepare yourself for blue fire tour at 01.00 midnight.

Day 6 Ijen Bluefire – Bali Island
At 01:00 midnight, your guide will stand by at the lobby hotel with another 4 WD car. The journey will need around 1 hours until reach the Ijen parking area (Paltuding). From here, you can trekking for 3 KM, and it’s need about 1-2 hours. When we arrived at the top, your guide will tell you if it’s safe or not to going down to the crater. If possible, you can walk down, (but be careful,no need to rush) and see the blue fire closely. At the crater you’ll also see the miners, how to take the sulfur, and loaded to the bamboos basket. Blue fire will be gone around 05:00 when the sun coming up. At this time, you can go back up and see the largest (1 KM square) acid lake on Java Island. It has 0,5 PH acidity, so there’s no one live there. Finish taking picture, we’ll move back to the parking area. During on the way, enjoy the view of another mountain and volcano (Meranti Mt & Raung Mt). Arrived to the parking area, you’ll move back to the hotel and during on the way, you will see coffee plantation of Ijen Area (Robusta Coffee). Arrived at the hotel, check out, move to Bali Island and finish program… Have a nice vacation and thank you!

(Direct) Ijen Bluefire Programs 1 D 1 N

Daily Tour Itinerary

Day 1 : Pick up service – Ijen Bluefire Programs

At 00.30 AM (midnight), our staff will pick up you from the hotel / homestay / harbour by name board and moving direclty to Paltuding where Ijen Crater located. The journey will take more less 1 hour until arrive to the parking area place. From here, you will trekking 3 KM, and passing through rain forest. Trekking normally take 1-2 hour depends on your speed. The route has 3 combination divide on 3 parts, 1 KM up, 1,2 KM steep up, and 800 Meters left are flat route. Arrive on view point (top). the guide will explain about the route also condition about the weather and wind direction. If the situation are possible to make us going down, we can just direct going down to the crater to see bluefire closely. If it not possible, we need to wait till everything are safe to going down. To see bluefire, we need going down (from the top) around 45 minutes. You need to be careful from here and no need to rush. Arrived at the down crater, enjoy the spectacular bluefire which only 2 in the world! Notes : Watch the distance and don’t get too close. Sulfur smoke sometimes change direction based on the wind. 

Your time here are unlimited, but we recommend you for not stay longer here. Your guide will bring you back to the top at view point, then we do short walk again around 1 KM to reach the sunrise points. At 05:15, enjoy the sunrise moments by surrounding the rain forest, Mt. Baluran and the national park, also the beach of Bali straight! Another moment that you can catch is Ijen Lake. Turn your body back, and enjoy the beautiful sunrise with awesome largest acid lake on Java, Ijen Crater! Finish with all, we can going down back to the parking area, then stop for take a free coffee break. After we go by car, during on the way we can stop at plantation such as cabbage, corn, coffee and cloves plantation. Afterward, back to your hotel / homestay / pick up points, and finish programs. Thank you and have a great moment here!

Price Included :

  • Price Include :

    • Pick up service from Bali and transfer out (selected location)
    • 1 unit City Car for 1 D 1 N included Driver, Fuel and additional transport charge (parking,toll,etc).
    • All entrance ticket for International visitors (please recheck about the news ticket updates)
    • Free tour at Coffee and Cloves Plantation with Jagir Waterfall
    • English Speaking Guide
    • Safety tools (Gas Mask repsirator, and Torchlight)
    • Coffee break at Ijen starting points
    • Mineral Water
    • Traffic Insurance Covers

    Price Exclude :

    • Personal Expenses (Mini Bar,Meals for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Laundry, Phone Call, Airport tax,etc)

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(Direct) Bromo Midnight 2D1N


Sunrise with Mt. Bromo pedagang_bunga 4WD at Bromo Bromo Village

Daily Tour Itinerary

Day 1 : Pick up from Hotel – Probolinggo (Bromo Sunrise)
At 00.00 AM, our staff will pick up you from the hotel or meeting point by name board and moving directly to Probolinggo city where Mt. Bromo located. The journey will take arounds 4 hours (depends on traffic) by private car.

Day 2 : Bromo Sunrise – Transfer back to the hotel (selected location)
Around 03.00 AM,we will arrive at the second meeting point and the 4WD car will accompany you to the world famoust view point at Mt. Penanjakan on the rim of theTengger caldera to see sunrise with its young volcanic including Mt. Bromo and active volcano of the highest mountain on Java Island, Mt. Semeru background. Enjoy the sunrise view with red shadow of Bromo Mt. If the weather clearly, you also can see the highest mountain on Java Island, Mt. Semeru. Afterward the journey will continue to the Love Hills. From here you can see Bromo Mt from another side. Then we will move to  sea of sand and Mt. Bromo. You can choose you wanna walk by foot or using horse. The trekking length about 1 KM from 4WD parking area to the top of Mt Bromo.  About 07.30 the breakfast will be held on local restaurant and transfer back to your hotel. Finish program, have a nice vacation and thank you…

Price Included :

  • Pick up service and transfer out from Surabaya City or meeting point (conditional)
  • City car included with English Speaking driver, fuel and all transport charge
  • 1 unit 4 WD car for Bromo Adventure
  • Local Guide (English Speaking Guide)
  • All entrance ticket for Bromo National Park
  • Mask and torchlight
  • Coffee break at Sunrise point
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Mineral Water
  • Traffic Insurance Covers

Price Excluded :

  • Personal Expences (meals, laundry, mini bar, etc)
  • Horse Riding at Bromo (Special Offer can be included)

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