Alas Purwo National Park



 alas purwo 2 Baluran

“Alas Purwo”

The landscape is scattered beautifully on Alas Purwo. It is the first of the oldest forest, which also supports the wildlife in Java. As the rain forest, the shadow of extinction passed through our mind. Yet, looking at its long lasting beauty erases those shadows. The beauty is maintained by the wisdom of local citizens.

Still in National Park of Alas Purwo, there is Sadengan. It is a pleasant animal observation center. We can see the everyday life of bull, deer, monkey, and birds inside a sustainable ecosystem. After that, get ready to welcome the remarkable beauty of Plengkung Beach. It’s outstanding wave, peaceful ambiance, and serene atmosphere are the magnet for every visitor. They call any lost soul to stay the night.

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