Banyuwangi “The Sunrise of Java”


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Banyuwangi : The Sunrise of Java

The sunrise of Java. Make sense what people called for this city according to location. Located on eastern of Java Island, make this city become first area which get the sunrise moments. Banyuwangi become the most favorite destination for some tourist (foreigner or locals) in these years because the government has fully support about tourism industry in this city. You can easy find hotel, dormitory, homestay or even private villa for support your holidays. Not only about the accommodation, these peoples will happy to help you if you ask about any information in this city. They are very welcome with you!

Main destination in this city is Ijen Crater which famous with the blue fire phenomena. You can only find this attraction in the world here and Reyjavik (Iceland). Also you can find the world strongest man, sulfur miner which can bring more than 70 kg’s on their shoulder (you can try also). Located 1 hour from central city, you can easy find this beautiful place. Next you can visit the Sukamade Beach which famous with the turtle breeding activity. You can see the turtle breeding live! Located 4 hours from central city, this place provide the real adventure including cross the river, jungle, beach, and even the small village with the people activity in a rice field. Red Island or Pantai Merah also can be your destination after visit Sukamade Beach. Green Bay also one way with the Red Island and you can enjoy your “private” island here complete with the beach and jungle!

Banyuwangi guarantee you to get the real eco-tourism with great sensation, original culture, natural building, and of course….without CROWDED!

Let’s visit here, and see what this city got!

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