Golden Sunrise of Sikunir

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 Golden Sunrise of Sikunir

Why Sikunir Hill be one of the attractions that you must visit in Dieng Plateau? one of which is due to the appearance of the  Sikunir hill sunrise this is one of the best spots in the world to see the sunrise. Located at an altitude of 2,263 meters above sea level, is described Sikunir be paradise seekers sunrise. Indonesia should be proud of nature Sikunir amazing, beauty millions able to anesthetize the eye with golden light. In addition, Sikunir hill relatively easy climb is an appropriate alternative for those who want to see the sunrise from the peak appearance without having to spend too much energy and time to climb high mountains. The right time to see the sunrise Sikunir is in the dry season (between July-August) when the sky is clear and hardly ever rains. Enjoy the great experience by browsing Sikunir hill and catch the sunrise.

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