Golden Sunrise of Sikunir

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 Golden Sunrise of Sikunir

Welcome to the Sikunir Hills which famous with the Golden Sunrise from Central Java! Located in Dieng Plateu, Sembalun Village, this place give you a new sensation for the sunrise photography! You just need 10 minutes drive from your place if you’re stay in Dieng Plateu area, then just walk for 30 minutes from parking area to the top of Sikunir Hills. Toilet, canteen are available at the top here. Best period for visit this place starting from June till September for better view and panorama. It’s not only about the sunrise, you can also see the small lake near the parking area called Telaga Cebong. Also enjoy the authentic food from Dieng Plateu such as sweet potatos, and Carica (kind of papaya fruit). Now, make your move here!

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