Green Gumuk Candi

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Green Gumuk Candi become new favorite destination on Banyuwangi, East Java. Located on Songgon Village, you can reach this place by 1 hour driving. Easy access, with small part of bumpy road, you can enjoy this amazing place. This place are organized by local people which living around here. They know if Songgon village has a lot of tourism potential, so they build this place to give visitors more choice for visit.

On entrance gate, you’ll welcomed by guards which local people work there. They will show you about the rules and you need pay some ticket here , but only for parking. Yes only for parking. Then a temple stone with kingdom style also makes you feel that you’re in “another” century. You need to walk for 1 KM to reach the top of this place. Upstairs and coffee plantation would be your friend during your journey. After you reach the top of this place, now you know, why this place are very recommended for who looking nature place without noises, plantation view, selfie spot, even a swimming pool!

You can enjoy the mountain view, with drinking some tea or coffee or even small snack. Believe me, 1 hour will not enough for visit this exotic place!

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