Coban Rondo Waterfall

13-IMG_20150201_112657 air terjun coban rondo Keindahan-Air-Terjun-Coban-Rondo-yang-Memikat-Hati

oban Rondo Waterfall”

Coban Rondo waterfall is a one of tourism destination on Malang City. Located at Batu district ( 30 km / 1 hour ) from the Malang City, this is the best place for you to begin your trip on Malang City. Enjoy the fresh air, and natural view around this waterfall, and if you lucky you can see several animal, such as monkey, deer, bird, and squirrel. This waterfall has a altitude around 80 meters, and located on 1.135 m from sea level. All people called Coban Rondo based from the legend of this waterfall, which one couple have just got married, and the husband killed by a bad guy. Then, his wife runaway and hide behind the rocks of waterfall. His husband also bad guy die, and the wife become widower. Coban mean water, Rondo mean widow. This place become crowded at weekend. Canteen area are available, also shop store and another attraction such as rafting, outbond, and air softgun shooters area.

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