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Day 1 Prambanan – Ratu Boko Sunset – Malioboro
From Jogjakarta Airport, our staff will be pick up you and moving direct to the largest Hindu’s temple in Indonesia, Prambanan. Here, you can enjoy and see what the temple have. Make sure that you have great moment during visit this place. After we enjoy the Prambanan Temple, we move again to catch the great sunset of Ratu Boko Temple. Prepare your camera and get ready to catch the exotic sunset! Next, after we enjoyed the sunset moment, at the night you can explore the popular traditional shopping road which called Malioboro Street. If you looking for traditional tools, or local souvenirs, this is the right place that you looking for.

Day 2 Puthuk Situmbu Sunrise – Borobudur Temple – Mendut Temple – Merapi Tour
The second day tour will begin with breakfast, then drive to Borobudur temple which UNESCO recognized as the most magnificent Buddhist monument complex and at once it has the largest stupa in the world. Borobudur is not only grand and large but also the walls filled with 2672 sculptures reliefs that composed lining will reach a length of 6 km. In addition to visit Borobudur, the second day of this tour will also visit Mendut Temple. Next you will be invited to tour the village, to know the life of the villager’s life. Here you can learn how to make pottery, making tofu, plowing the fields, and to see how the palm sugar was made. After enjoying the villager’s life, the next agenda is lunch and then proceed to visit Kaliadem to witness the valor of the nearby Mount Merapi.

Day 3 Transfer to Surabaya Train Station – Bromo Sunset Spot
After breakfast, get ready to check out and move to Jogjakarta Train Station and move to Surabaya Train Station for 6 hours. Our staff will pick up you from Surabaya Train Station and we will move to Probolinggo which Mt. Bromo located. After 3-4 hours journey, arrived at the hotel and we will see the lovely sunset of Bromo Mt. at Mentigen Sunset Spot. Here you can see the Bromo Mt. also the highest volcano on Java Island called Semeru Mt. Back to the hotel and prepare for tomorrow morning at 03:00 AM

Day 4 Bromo Sunrise – Kalibaru Plantation
Your guide will be waiting for you at the Front Office with the 4 WD car to explore the sea of sand until reach the top of Mt. Bromo. The journey will need around 50 minutes until to the view point. Sunrise will be start at 05:05. If you wanna see milky way, you can see from this place clearly, but depends on the weather. Afterward, we’ll back again to go down by 4 WD car, to stop on Love Hills. Here you can see Bromo Mt, from west part. Then after taking a picture, we’ll going to sea of sand, you can ask to the guide for stop and taking picture with the 4 WD car with the Bromo Mt, Batok Mt, or Penanjakan Mt. background. Then we stop on parking area. From here you only need to walk, 1 KM until reach the top of Bromo. Be careful when you’re arrived at the top because it has minimum safety fence for prevent visitors falling down to the crater. Finish with the Bromo, we’ll come back to the hotel and get ready for breakfast. Exactly at 10:00 we’ll move to Kalibaru Plantation for about 4-5 hours. Stay overnight.


Day 5 Kalibaru Plantation – Sukamade Turtle Breeding Spot
After breakfast, we are ready to move at the local plantation and here you can see the rubber, cocoa, cloves also how to make brown sugar. This place will show you about the traditional herbs and spices which originally plant in this plantation. Finish with the small trekking, enjoy the traditional culture show which presented by children performance. After visit this amazing place, we will move to Sukamade Beach and from here we will change the city car with 4×4 car. Enjoy the journey around 2-3 hours and see the people life inside the National Park. Deep inside the jungle you can also see some animals, such as deer, hog, wild buffalo, peacock, monkey, and some eagles. Arrived at the lodge, you will stay for one night and wait until 07:00 PM to start your tour. After dinner we will start with 4WD car to reach the beach. The local guide will tell you about the rules and how to see the turtle breeding safely. Then you will walk about 1 KM and wait until the turtle breeding. Around 11.00 PM back to the hotel and relax.


Day 6 Sukamade Turtle Beach – Ijen Blueflame
Early morning around 05:00 you will wake up and back to the beach to release the baby turtle. By release the turtle you are joined and give contribution to conserve Green Turtle. Afterward, during on the way we will stop to Red Island and you can relax for a while with drinking coconut water. The we back again and get ready to move to Banyuwangi City and check in. Prepare yourself for tonight to explore Ijen Bluefire.


Day 7 Ijen Bluefire – Transfer out Bali Island
At 01:00 midnight, your guide will stand by at the lobby hotel with another 4 WD car. The journey will need around 1 hours until reach the Ijen parking area (Paltuding). From here, you can trekking for 3 KM, and it’s need about 1-2 hours. When we arrived at the top, your guide will tell you if it’s safe or not to going down to the crater. If possible, you can walk down, (but be careful,no need to rush) and see the blue fire closely. At the crater you’ll also see the miners, how to take the sulfur, and loaded to the bamboos basket. If you want to take picture with the miners, do it quickly (usually they will ask you for small money). Blue fire will be gone around 05:00 when the sun coming up. At this time, you can go back up and see the largest (1 KM square) acid lake on Java Island. It has 0,5 PH acidity, so there’s no one live there. Finish taking picture, we’ll move back to the parking area. During on the way, enjoy the view of another mountain and volcano (Meranti Mt & Raung Mt). Arrived to the parking area, you’ll move back to the hotel and during on the way, you will see coffee plantation of Ijen Area (Robusta Coffee). Arrived at the hotel, check out, move to Bali and finish program… Have a nice vacation and thank you!

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